Not a joke, a watermelon cost $25 in Japan - Selected from 4chan

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WTF Japan, why are your fruits and berries so expensive? 2,500 yen for watermelon seriously?

I guess watermelon doesn't grow well int he Japanese climate and soil?

Also these watermelon are round as fuck. The higher price point must be because of the aesthetics.
Watermelon in the US are just picked out of the ground and sold no matter what their shape is.

Less space for farmland, you fucks. Meat is also stupid expensive for the same reason.

And then they smash them with a stick on the beach.

Japanese watermelon is good.

Cubic ones as as expensive, if not more

These cubes are more if I remember correctly they start at like $40

Weren't they created to save space in those tiny japanese refrigerators?

Those square watermelons are purely for novelty factor. Check out pics of what they look like on the inside. Inedible.

Theyre placed in stores like a trophy and sell for up to four times as much as a round one. They taste disgusting however

I like watermelon, but it's overrated. It's not even top 3 melons.

Market demand and special growing. Those are fancy ass hydroponic melons, and they're grown and sold as gifts - giving fruit is a traditional gift in japan. As a result, market demand drives up the price because peopple are willing to pay more for fancy ass designer fruit like square one

In Japan, density and sugar content are measured by machine, and those that exceed the standards are more expensive.
If you lie, farmers, wholesalers and dealers are not only discredited, but penalized by the government.

My uncle went to Japan for free because he brought a couple of watermelons with him and sold them for hundreds, and it paid for his entire trip.

I have discovered the ultimate travel hack.


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