What's a guide for retards on how to cook tofu? - Selected from 4chan

You can get pre pressed tofu. The tofu factory in my town sells packages of their pre pressed tofu
at the local Whole Foods.

1. Throw it in the bin
2. Cook and eat literally anything else

Get cottage cheese or paneer instead of this soy crap

No asian does this stupid press the tofu thing, its ironically for dumb westerners.

I keep hearing this but i don't see any evidence for it.
Tofu is packaged in a shit ton of water and if you want to bread and shallow fry it, you have to drain it
otherwise oil splatters everywhere

Not that anon but I just drain the tofu and pat the block dry with a paper towel. As long as you're using firm tofu,
it'll bread and fry just fine.

So where did this "drain the tofu for 30-60 minutes" thing come from? what's the purpose?
Also, what brand of tofu and what firmness do you get for breading and frying?

Its mostly from western vegans who wanted a meat substitute. Here we have a lot more different tofu products
so we didnt need to improvise. Or flavour we just braise the tofu or a longer time, or make the sauce extra flavourful
(think mapo tofu) or stuff it with minced meat etc.

If you want a super flavour sponge you buy tofu puffs, these are like tofu croutons, full of holes and hollow on the inside. They come in big squares, long sticks or small cubes like this. Big ones you can cut into smaller pieces,
this will also open them up so all the sauce/gravy gets sucked into them.

Silken and soft is mainly for soups and desserts. Exception is egg tofu, you can fry it but it is delicate

Steamed is a good option. You take silken tofu and steam it for 20 minutes. Steaming really changes the texture,
it becomes a lot meatier. My favorite is steamed tofu topped with minced ginger and green onion,
with some soy sauce drizzled over.

Hm, never heard of this, will have to try it. Thanks anon.

If you like tofu you'll LOVE Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce

Depends on the type. Most western markets only serve the more crumbly block tofu pictured on the left.
Treat this tofu like a sponge. Press out the water, no need to do it for like an hour, you can even just place it in a clean kitchen towel and press lightly for a minute or two. If you want to go longer just wrap it in a towel and put a book on top
(maybe plastic wrap in between to not get the book wet).Once your sponge is empty its time to fill 'er up again. Soak that tofu in any marinade. I recommend soy sauce, mirin, and some bonito broth. Soak for at least 30 minutes, but you can leave it in the fridge for a couple days. When you're ready to cook pan fry or grill or whatever.

If you have superior master silken tofu that shit is great and like ready to eat as is. your only job is to not fuck it up.
Slice and add into a soup or curry that is already done, then let the pot heat on low for a couple minutes
without stirring until the tofu is warm.
Or heat it up by steaming then pour a sauce on top. just be gentle.




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