First Japanese curry resto in Curry home India, who makes the best curry? - Selected from 4chan

All i know is Jamaica is the worst at it.

Worse than Lowell Massachusetts? My friend, nowhere is worse at anything than this entire city is at everything.

Britain, it's their national dish.

Does anyone else see the face?

Yeah lol.

Looks like Winston Churchill.

I like Thai Curry. It's good.


India only because each region has it's own variation and take on the traditional curry.

Japanese curry is based as fuck.

I'm not really into Chinese or Japanese curries, and obviously there are loads of good ones throughout central Asia.
But I know and have tasted most of all the countries curries above, as well as having been to those countries too.
My Nan was Anglo-Indian and used to make amazing curries, and thus the rest of my family learnt, as well as it being a big thing in England anyway.
Caribbean goat curry is one of my favorite dishes though, absolutely amazing, but Thailand is close behind it with much variety to their cuisine. Didn't like southern Indian food at all, didn't mind Goan, really didn't like Sri Lankan stuff at all.




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