Can you survive on a 2 dollar / day budget? What would it groceries look like?

Maybe you should get thrown in jail they will feed you.

Have u considered shoplifting?

Probably yesterday I did, woke up at 3 PM, made a some kind of brunch with some biscuits, snacks and iced tea,
dinner at 9 PM, pasta with tomato sauce. No more than $2 for breakfast/launch/dinner.

I can survive on a dollar a day budget. Groceries would look like rice, canned vegetables, and Wegmans samples.
If you eat a potato a day you can survive, literally, on a sack a month.

Fast then eat chicken and Broccoli at dinner. Cost about $25 a week.

Fasting is for fatties. Down 10lbs in 2 weeks, feeling incredible.

Push come to shove, I've decided I could easily eat a can of beans a day if I need to. 14 cans, bag or two of rice,
and maybe two dozen eggs. Will be like what? 30ish dollars? That shit will last me two weeks, easy.

Fast for 72 hours, get a baconator, fast for 72 hours, get a baconator. Repeat.

I used to do this except with the Taco Bell XXL Burrito.

Pasta and cheap cheese - not sure if you can afford sauce.

You can survive on a lot less.

Breakfast: Porridge made with oats, sugar and water
Lunch: Any soup with bread, pref. homemade if you desire anything but toast
Dinner: If you can find meat within your remaining budget+potatoes

Its pretty easy at 2 dollars if you are willing to only purchase cheap stuff and limit yourself to the diet of a 18th century peasant. Adjust to what is cheap in your location, in the EU it's pasta and potatoes and in the US it seems that rice is quite affordable.

Just get a job, you faggot NEET.

Survive? Yes. Live? No.
On a more serious note, buy frozen ingredients as much as possible.
Frozen leg quarters are like 25c a pound, you can buy frozen veggies at wm for a bit less than a buck per bag.
Then toss in some rice, bread, and mashed potato flakes to pad it. You can buy all this for less than ten bucks
and it should last longer than one week.
Also buy men's vitamins at the dollar tree so you don't get vitamin deficient with the poor diet.

What about food banks? In America, people are not starving, they are generally stupid and unresourceful if they are.
You can go to any food bank and get a ton of food for a set period of time, and if you are motivated you can stockpile from like, six or seven and live reasonably well.You can also post some shit on NextDoor if you're on the strugglebus. I think it works better if you have kids, but I have seen people ask for food and people straight up give people nice shit like meat, canned goods, full dinners, you name it.

Begging in any town should net about ten USD an hour if you put on a show.
But I'll fucking hate you for polluting the country and not working.

There's also hunting and fishing. Gaming and fishing licenses are cheap.

I'd argue that the bums that dance and give me a show for money aren't beggars, they're entertainers.


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