Which countries can do good on whiskey?

Countries that can do Wiskey: Canada, Ireland
Countries that fuck it up horrendously: USA, Scotland

Irish whisky is thin, weak and simple.
Canadian barely anyone has tried because most or it is not good enough to make it outside Canada.

We get imports here.
There are some good American Whiskies, but everything scotch is absolutely fucked from the get go.

Only fucked thing about scotch is the retarded business structure and big corps cutting corners
because they’re allowed to.

If it's 80 proof or higher then it's just what the doctor fuckin ordered. Bottoms up.

Woah dude ur fuckin epic!

Oh yeah dude I'd much rather have whiskey-flavored vodka (Canadian whiskey) over delicious sweet, robust, smooth,
bold Bourbon. OP you can prefer what you like (just like me) but Canadian whiskey hardly has any flavor.

What's the best whiskey in your opinion?

Rum, otherwise anything Irish will do.

This is Irish person.

I'm Australian, yes.

Irish whiskey is trash. No exceptions.

Scotch for sippin , Irish for chuggin, american for mixing , and Canadian for cleaning windows or something.

Leaf here. OMG OMG OMG you like our crown royale? thank you!


You are the only foreigner that enjoys our crown royale. i shall kiss your feet!

Crown and Vernors is my dad's favorite. My mom made a giant quilt from all the bags we collected over the years.

Everyone can produce decent whisky meanwhile, it's all down to being able to afford good casks and having sufficient stocks of old whiskey. Expect plenty of new countries to enter the market with decent propositions in the upcoming decade.





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