What side dishes go well with Japanese rice?

I'm addicted to this particular type of rice, I just don't know many things I can eat with it.
I've tried canned tuna, chicken, fried egg, kimchi, danmuji, frozen tempura, steamed vegetables, and so on.
I prefer it to be simple since I'm a lazy fuck, but if you have good ideas please let me know.
I don't mind anything, it doesn't even have to be Japanese, as long as it tastes good.

Oh, and Japanese curry sucks ass. So please don't recommend that.

Just got a shit ton of different furikake from your local Asian market and see which ones you like.

Ah, I forgot to mention I've tried a few. It just didn't hit me the same, I guess I prefer something I can chew along with the rice. Plus I really dislike the fishy smell some have. Is there one that you prefer though? Is eating furikake and rice normal?

Yes very. See pick related.

Hey! I actually tried the katsuo one yesterday! Are the other two any good?
Thank you for sharing anons!

I like the other two as well, the kimchi one might be my favorite.
But i remember having some furikake that didn't taste fishy at all, they exist i just can't remember the name.

Not necessarily a Japanese cuisine but stewed beef with onion would be good with it.

you want a side dish for a side dish?
Just cube some beef, cook in sesame oil, have some sort of Asian inspired sauce that'll drip down in the rice, add veg.

These are actually really nice ideas, I don't like beef but I might replace that with pork!

Have you tried TKG? TKG is mix of rice and raw egg...



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