Japanese "Authentic" Italian - Saizeriya, Best and Cheap chain

Saizeriya is one of the most famous restaurant chains in Japan. It serves mainly Italian food and beverages with good quality at reasonable prices. A usual Italian restaurant in Japan will set you back double to triple more than this, no guarantee on food quality. Italian people also enjoy to have meal in Saizeriya when they come to Japan.

If you are looking for a restaurant for lunch or dinner and want some non-Japanese food, this is the best place. Or Saizeriya is cafe-ish style so good place to spend hours for chatting with friends, ordering snacks and drinks.


Popular Dishes and Drinks


1.  Chorizo (400 yen)

Spicy sausage goes very well with Beer !

2. Mini ficelle (thin baguette, 150 yen)

Crispy outside fluffy inside, you cannot find this with 150 yen anywhere else

3. Prosciutto from Parma (400 yen)

Direct import from Parma, Italy, have this with wine

4. Pizza with Triple Buffalo Mozzarella Cheeze (500 yen)

Italian people also love this menu

5. Short Pasta with Tomato, Bacon & Chilli (400 yen, 600 yen for large size)

With mild spicy tomato sauce

6. Doria with Meat Sauce (300 yen)

Most popular menu, meat sauce on rice, grilled

7. Paella (600 yen)

Seafood and saffron rice

8. Shrimp Risotto with Tomato & Cream (400 yen)

Good for breakfast or when you are in recovery

9. Rib steak (1000 yen)

Tender meat with potato on the side

10. Wine
  • House wine (white or red, glass for 100 yen, decanter for 250 yen, bottle for 1100 yen)
  • Lambrusco Secco red (dry taste, bottle for 1100 yen)
  • Lambrusco rose (sparkling / sweet, bottle for 1100 yen)
  • Verdicchio white (dry taste / fruity, bottle for 1100 yen)
  • Chianti red (Medium-bodied, bottle for 1100 yen)
  • Chianti Rufina Riserva (Full-bodied, bottle for 1100 yen)
  • Don Rafaello white (Light-bodied / sparkling, bottle for 1100 yen)

Beer is also available with 400 yen.

11. Tiramisu (300 yen, large size for 1800 yen)

Classic Italian dessert

12. Truffle Ice Cream (350 yen)

Rich chocolate ice cream, hazelnut used

13.  All you can drink (soft-drink only, 300 yen)

200 yen only if you order main meal


Whereabouts in Tokyo


  • Near Shinjuku station, walking distance, go to map
  • Near Tokyo station, 7 mins walk, go to map
  • Near Asakusa station, walking distance, go to map


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