Sashimi hunting in Tokyo, Must try if you are Sashimi lover !

Sashimi is a representative of Japanese food. Nowadays, you can eat it in Japanese restaurants abroad, but the sashimi you eat in Japanese fishing ports tastes completely different.

The meat is juicy and fresh, thus there is almost no chance of food poisoning. And the portions are large and cheap. If you are sashimi lover, you might be interested in visiting a Japanese fishing port.

Misaki Port in Kanagawa Prefecture is one of the closest fishing ports to Tokyo. The Port of Misaki is located at the entrance to Tokyo Bay, facing the Pacific Ocean.

The port of Misaki has long been famous for catching bonito, but it also handles many other fresh seafood products.

Among them, Maruichi Shokudo (Maruichi Shokudo) is famous for its fresh cuisine.


The best place is Misaki fishing port If you have 1 day in Tokyo


Maruichi Syokudo


There are 2 ways of ordering, 1st way is ordering plate including sashimi, rice, soup and side dish (1,300 yen to 1,800 yen per person). 2nd way is to choose fish that are available in fishing market next to the restaurant and ask to cut for sashimi (cost for fish plus cutting fee 250 yen, if you would like to make it as plate, 400 additional yen for rice, soup and side dish per person).

Tuna 3 types plate - 1,500 yen


Sashimi platter - 1,300-1,500 yen per portion


Lunch is preferred as it serves large portion with reasonable price (1,300 yen to 1,800 yen per person).


Restaurant from outside


Restaurant from inside

There is English website available that you can go through menu.

Access from Tokyo is easy, affordable


  • Nearest station is Misakiguchi station, 1.5 hours from Tokyo station (Go to train schedule finder)
  • From Misakiguchi station, multiple bus lines are circulating between Misakiguchi bus stop and Misakikou bus stop (destination), there is guide material available in Misakiguchi station (see below)
  • Closing at every Wednesday, sometimes Tuesday too
  • Opening from 11AM, very crowded with local people during weekends, I would advise you to go early to avoid queue
  • Go to Map


Other activities in Misaki area


1.Misaki port and fish marche


Waterfront focal points near the restaurant. It's pleasurable to stroll around the port and take a cup of coffee. There's small boat offers cruises lasting around 40 minutes, with its glass-windowed bottom allowing passengers great views of Miura marine life in its natural habitat (departing every hour, 1,300 yen for adult, 600 yen for kids)


View from boat


2. Jogashima and its lighthouse


Jogashima is an island located in south of Misaki Port. Accessed via a bridge, Jogashima is a popular escape-from-the-city destination for its panoramic ocean views, lighthouse, and a beach that some visitors describe as otherworldly. The landmark Jogashima Lighthouse, designed by a French architect, dates back almost 150 years. Standing 30m above sea level, it houses an observation deck offering superb views out over the sea. Two alternate footpaths begin at the lighthouse, taking you down to Jogashima’s southern shore.


Dramatically rocky beach in Jogashima island


3. Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park



Aquarium and leisure center, that is especially recommended for those accompanying kids. Great views of Mt. Fuji and an extensive collection of marine life (including three-meter-long sharks) make this highly worthwhile stop-off, but the highlight for many is the attraction’s Northern Rockhopper Penguins These friendly folks reside on their own ‘Penguin-jima’ artificial island, which they enjoy ambling around all day to the delight of visitors.


If you want to visit all the places above, maybe:


Leaving Tokyo station at 7:00

Arriving at Misakiguchi station at 8:30

Arriving at Marche by bus at 9:00, cruise from 9:20 to 10:00

Stroll at Marche till Maruichi syokudo opens at 11:00, have lunch there

Walk to light house, enjoy rocky beach at early afternoon

Direct to Marine park from light house by bus

Go back to Misakiguchi station by bus, heading back to Tokyo station


It might be a bit hectic trip, you can adjust or skip activity!



Maruichi Syokudo

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